Championship Productions RSS Feeds
We have implemented RSS feeds which allow you to display Championship Productions' Featured Items on your web site or in your RSS reader. (Please click here to learn more about RSS.)

Championship Productions, Inc. is currently using the RSS 2.0 specification format.

Please note that we cannot give you technical support on how to implement these RSS feeds into your web site.
These RSS feeds contain Championship Productions' Featured Items. These are Championship Productions' newest releases, best sellers and "hot" products. The RSS feed will contain approximately 10 - 35 products depending on the sport.
Perl RSS Parsing Script
Bergan Consulting is providing a sample perl script to parse the RSS data feeds and display the results as an HTML page. Please note that this is just a sample implementation, and you will probably want to modify the script to work with your web site. This script is provided "as is" with no warranties or technical support.

perl "sport" "affiliate id" "format type"

Sport is one of Championship Productions' sports - for example: "athletic director" or "basketball" In the current script version the sport MUST be in all lower case!

Affiliate ID is the code used to identify you as an affiliate. If you do not have an affiliate ID, leave this blank (""), or use the affiliate id "rss". Click here to learn more about the Championship Productions Affiliate Program.

Format Type tells the script how you want the pages output. "s" means that you want a single html file that lists all the featured items, and "m" means that you want a link page and a separate page for each item.


perl "athletic director" "testID" "s"
This results in a page called "athleticdirector.html" containing all the featured baseball items and all links are coded with the affiliate id "testID".

Click here to see the output from this example.

perl "basketball" "" "m"
This results in a page called "championship.html" containing a list of all the featured basketball items and a link to a separate page for each item. The links are not coded with an affiliate id.

Click here to see the output from this example.

Usage Notes:

This script is meant to be run from the command line or from a cron job. It is not meant to be run as a cgi-bin script. You must actually type the following at the command prompt:

perl "athletic director" "testID" "s"

To automate the creation of your web pages, you may wish to create a "cron" job. This will allow you automate the running of this perl program so you can automatically generate the web pages at a certain time every night. Please consult a linux or unix manual or search the internet for more information on the "cron" command.

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